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BMS Group has over 25 years of masonry repair experience. We completed thousands of masonry projects from installation to panel brick repair. As a matter of fact, we are the foremost authority on panel brick, thin brick and Z-brick® repair. For homeowners and their associations in Northern Illinois, we provide masonry solutions that few will attempt. That is because our unique experience carefully blends the world of masonry with the art of structural repair.



Northern Illinois property managers know; water is the devil. Seasons of freezing and thawing will wreak havoc on homes built with full brick or panel brick. We provide timely and important inspections to determine weathering damage to the brick and the steel lintels that support your homes. Cracks, holes and gaps in your brick will cause the steel to rust and damage the surrounding structures.

Did you know? When steel rusts it exerts up 10,000 pounds of force per square inch.

Rusting steel will push brick out of place which causes even more water damage. Walls rot behind the brick this leads to mold and the danger of falling bricks. Homeowners Insurance does not cover situations like this as it is considered a maintenance issue. Want to sue the builder? Good luck with that. Homeowners associations typically have ten years to sue. The likelihood that your builder or the company they did business under is still in business is next to zero. 

Did you know? There is a homeowners association where the city was ready to red tag homes as uninhabitable unless the panel brick was replaced.

This association has to find $500,000 to make the necessary repairs. That cost will need to be split among all the homeowners. Panel brick reviews are best conducted yearly. At no fault of their own, most people do not know this. Improper maintenance is costly. REALLY COSTLY. We will place you on our BMSG Masonry Review Program© or BMRP to catch small problems before they become big problems. Complete the form below to receive your complimentary BMRP property review.


Since there are literally dozens of failed exterior wall systems throughout the State of Illinois, it is imperative that property managers inspect their properties. We will sit down with you to determine the best course of action. The average homeowner does not know if they have full brick, panel brick, thin brick, Z-brick or any number of exterior wall systems out there. We do. We have over 25 years of masonry plus carpentry experience. That experience will come in handy when we work with you, your board and even your city government to get you back into compliance. Remember, building codes may have changed since the time your homes were built. 

Did you know? Converting from panel brick to full brick is a very costly option and usually not recommended.

BMS Group is the only masonry company that can diagnose, recommend solutions and repair panel brick exteriors on a large scale. And we work with you, the Property Manager, every step of the way.


When we are on site, we work closely with, you, the Property Manager. Our number one goal is NOT to disrupt the lives of your homeowners. Some projects can take up to 6 months to complete. We leave the work site clean and safe, each and every day. While some masonry companies can only do masonry, we do more. We can repair the entire wall system to keep water out. Attention to detail is highly important, from correcting builder errors to sealing the building envelope; all this from a company with over 25 years of experience.

Did you know? City governments can fine properties on a daily basis if code violations are not addressed.

Our team will work with your board or even the city on your behalf. We have gotten fines slowed, delayed or reversed for our clients. Working together, we can save you money and keep you safe. We are the foremost authority on panel brick repair in the State of Illinois.


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